Solidarity with Ungdomshuset!

After a negative outcome of the court case concerning the autonomous centre Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen on August 28, 2006, the anarchist project is heavily threatened of eviction. A Christian fundamentalist sect, Faderhuset, bought the house. Wouldn’t it be ironical that a space that was used for 24 years to experiment autonomous culture, self - determination and emancipation shall be turned into a temple for brainwashed religious fanatics? We, the people and groups involved in the autonomous centre KTS in Freiburg/Germoney and the Wagenburg Schattenparker want to express our solidarity with Ungdomshuset and all people defending it, and of course with all squats, autonomous centres and Wagenburgen! All of us know that people trying to live alternative and anti - capitalist ways of life are under heavy attack by the state, by capitalism, fascism and all their repressive forces like cops, courts and the like. In summer 2006 we had an “D.I.Y. against the State” anarchist convention with the main goal to strengthen links between autonomous spaces all over Europe which was attended by several hundred international participants, and it was attacked by massive police violence and repression that lasted a whole week, with it’s top during a Reclaim the Streets party on July 29. This showed once again the authorities really do hate alternative culture and any kind of freedom apart from the freedom to consume whatever you want. Too many times we had to experience the destruction of autonomous spaces here in South-Germoney in the last years (in Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Pforzheim, Stuttgart...), and wherever we look we find the same fucked up situation - sadly also in Denmark. We can NOT accept this nowhere! Many of us have been visiting Ungdomshuset in the past, be it just passing by, be it playing with their bands or enjoying the Ungdomshuset - festivals. It is a very important place in Northern Europe that no one would like to miss! We are looking forward to our next times coming to Copenhagen and find the same Ungdomshuset in the same place there, be it tomorrow or be it in many years! In times of destructive capitalism and all the resulting social and ecological problems we need autonomous spaces to organize libertarian ideas and resistance, to practice non-commercial culture and political discussion. A society that denies or destroys those spaces is an authoritarian society that has lost any right to call itself “free” or “democratic”! We demand from Faderhuset to officially give back the house to the activists, and to not even think of taking it from them! We demand from Copenhagen politicians to actively support any solution that will keep Ungdomshuset in its status quo demanded by the people and political groups who are using it! We want the Copenhagen authorities to stop any persecution of the people accused after the Reclaim the Streets party which was attacked by the police on Sept. 24 ! Solidarity with Ungdomshuset! Solidarity with the prisoners of the Reclaim the Streets party! Solidarity with all autonomous spaces worldwide! Ungdomshuset blir! Smash capitalism!

Freiburg, Oct. 22, 2006 KTS Freiburg, Wagenburg Schattenparker, D.I.Y. against the State, Besetzt-Zeitung Redaktion Freiburg, Cine Rebelde