Mini-Demonstrators-Guide for France

Don’t loose your head, offer resistance!

On a demonstration

Stay in groups. Found affinity groups of two or three people arriving and leaving together. Stay mobile and keep an eye on other demonstrants as well as on your sourrounding. Take care of ambitions of the pigs to infiltrate the group. Circle them, isolate them and show them to other demonstrants. You have the right to cover up your face and this is highly recommended because the police likes to take pictures and films. Teargas is used very often. Don’t panic, just save your nose and mouth with some piece of cloth soaked in lemonwater and use eye drops (saltwater dilution). In case of irritated skin neither make it wet nor use creams.

Should any demonstrant be arrested there is the possibility to resist that. If it happens anyway encourage the person to scream her/his name loudly and refer it to the legal aid. In case of being arrested yourself shout out your name to other demonstrants and keep calm. Apart from that it’s better to learn the number of the legal aid by heart than having it written on your arm because this can be seen as intention in case of your arrest.

Taken into police custody

Your allowed to have a translation. First they want to proof your identity (max. 4 hours). Taken into police custody can be extended up to 48 hours. You have the right to consult a doctor and a lawyer. You are only forced to give them your name and adress by law, to subscribe the protocol is not needed. Refuse DNA-taking despite threat. Refuse tp appear before the court immediatelly so that you have more time to prepair your defence.