Cancelled: Fundraising Infotour ABC-Belarus
Donnerstag, 23.05.2019, 20:00, Information

For the last 10 years ABC-Belarus is supporting anarchist and antifascists in Belarus. The job apart from everything else involved a lot of financial challenges. However donations in Belarus for antirepression work are low due to hard financial situation of the activists in general. As a result of that ABC depends on international support.

This year we are going to do a small tour to talk about current situation with repressions in Belarus. Transformation of the country from 25 year old dictatorship to european partner in the East (with no changes in power structures so far with the same president for last 25 years). How the anarchists are surviving repressions and managing to fight back. Who are those anarchists and what are the current goals of different groups that are still active in the country.