Soli - Party für Prozesskosten der Schattenparker
Samstag, 25.02.2006, 22:00, Party

The Wild West is a hot Pflaster, and deshalb have we built a strong Wagenburg in the Prairie of Freiburg to uns verteidigen against the evil Gang of Sheriff Rubby Samen and his boyfriend Salo. They have us a lot of money geklaut, and we brauchen es leider back. Some of the finest Rebel Country Music bands and DJs will play the sound für the show down tonight. Also, the Leichenbestatter will do a Nachtschicht. Enjoy this with beans, black coffee and cold beer in the KTS Saloon...

Watch out for Flyers and Posters, coz the Programm is being verhandelt with the artists... See ya dudInnen, awright?